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Hi from Barry and Maree. We are the new owners of the Lignite Pit Cafe and Secret Garden, on the southern scenic route, approx 20km east of Invercargill, at 15 Ashers Road.

We are opening the cafe from September to May

A Little History

The garden started as a dream for Dave and Maria Sanderson back in 2007, when the family got in a digger and started to remove the rubbish from the flooded lignite pit.

Seven years of hard work and love later, they have transformed the disused lignite pit into the nature friendly habitat is it today. With several paths that weave their way around and over the pond, you can spend hours enjoying the beauty and nature around the 17 acres of the gardens.

When Dave and Maria decided to retire to spend more time with their family, my fiancĂ©e Maree was looking for a wedding venue and came across this tranquil garden and decided the easiest way to book the wedding venue was to buy it. So with the help of Maree’s parents Charlie and Eunice we are taking over the responsibility of keeping up the high standards that Dave and Maria have set.

So come in and enjoy a coffee and snack while taking in the vista overlooking the pond and gardens.

Our opening hours are 11:00am to 5pm Wednesday to Sunday, and during the week days by prior arrangement.

Phone: (+64 3) 239 5040
Mobile 027 868 1477
or 0274 273 687

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